Holy Trinity Cathedral



The Cathedral hosts many individual committees, ministries, and groups which serve the administrative, educational, operational, and spiritual needs of the Cathedral and parishioners.

The Vestry

Originally refering to a room or building attached to a church used as an office or a space for changing into vestments, the vestry now refers to the group of people responsible for matters pertaining to governance and administration of a church. Therefore the Vestry’s responsibility is to ensure effective organisation and planning, and to manage resources and finances of the Cathedral. To assist in management, sub committees – each with a specific mandate – are responsible for effective, efficient running of the Cathedral and its resources.


Administration: Responsible for managing the operational activities of the Cathedral Office and its human resources.

Buildings and Lands: Provides oversight and management of the Cathedral’s buildings and maintenance program. Provide advice and recommendations to Vestry as it relates to physical property and assets; Recommend strategies to derive monetary returns from physical assets.

Property Upgrades Accommodation for Church Services Repairs & Maintenance Asset & Property Listing Cathedral Pre- Restoration Works Routine Maintenance Schedule Manage inventory and maintain physical property and assets of the Parish;

Christian Education and Formation: This committee operates within the parish and includes ministering to those located within the city of Port-of-Spain. The role of this committee includes teaching about the Anglican faith, equipping the faithful for Mission, and empowering God’s people to become living disciples of Christ through applying the spiritual practices in their daily lives.

Outreach & Christian Formation conducts activities with Parish Primary & Secondary School Students, faith-building exercises and study of scripture, and spiritual formation in youths and young adults. The committee also interacts with parents and godparents preparing for baptism, conducts Sunday School (in person and virtually), provides training in delivering a Christian education curriculum, and trains Sunday School teachers.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration: This committee provides a safe and secure environment during the services, reinforce the Covid safeguards of mask-wearing, hand washing and social distancing as necessary. The committee issues a safety notice at church, conducts training in First Aid and CPR, act as Fire Wardens, and perform routine risk assessments at schools. They also assist in preparation of all special events and attend and officiate them as needed.

Outreach and Care: This committee is tasked with providing support services and pastoral care to as many challenged persons as possible in the areas of educational support, health services, psychological (counselling and emotional support) and social support (food, clothing). It extends to the following activities: monthly food and clothing distribution, special occasion hamper distribution, and provision of food vouchers.

Youth Ministry: This committee empowers young people to live according to the principles of God’s Kingdom through ministry and mission of the Church, and implementation of programmes that assist in this goal. Additionally it sustains the holistic development of youth and young adults. Its acivities include: creation of spaces that would enable youth and youth worker training, and development of a cadre of youth volunteers to do effective youth ministry in the parish.


Anglican Church Men’s Society: Promoting the involvement of men in the work of the Cathedral, it extends to the following activities: visits to sick brethren, fund raising, deepening of spiritual life of the men in the parish, encouraging more participation in Church activities, and assisting with projects around the Cathedral.

Friends of the Cathedral: Is tasked with accomodating persosn who wished to have the ashes of their loved ones interred in the Garden of Peace and to have memorial plaques placed on the Wall of Rememberance. It supports fund-raising projects for the restoration of the Cathedral

Bible Class: Aids in the better understanding of the word of God and deepening the relationship with Christ.

Lay Ministers: These persons assist at church services with reading and serving

John H. Clapham
1802 -1824
George M.A. Cummins
1824 - 1842
George W. Chamberlain
1842 - 1847
Samuel L. B. Richards
1848 - 1877
Richard Rawle
1878 - 1888
Augustus E. Smith
1889 - 1914
Edward J. Holt
1914 - 1947
Harold Beardmore
1947 - 1948
John E. Ashworth
1948 - 1954
Benjamin N. Y. Vaughan 
1955 - 1960
Frederick D. Chaplain
1961 -1968
Alfred T. P. Harrison 
1968 - 1972
The Right Rev. Rawle E. Douglin (Bishop & Dean)  
1973 - 1994
Knolly U. Clarke
1994 - 2004
Richard Ian Colin Sampson 
2004 - 2014
The Right Rev. Claude Berkley (Bishop & Dean) 
2014 - 2017
Carl O. Williams (Interim Rector) 
2014 - 2017
The Very. Rev. Dr. Shelley-Ann Tenia
2017 - present

The Very Reverend Dr. Shelley-Ann Tenia

Dean and Rector of Holy Trinity Cathedral